So Simple & Another Song

by Lovers of Fiction

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A two-song single (double A side) in advance of Lovers of Fiction's debut full length album, due out in Fall 2015. This is a free download, but we are asking you to pre-order the full length at this time.

PLEASE NOTE - If you wish to pre-order the FULL-LENGTH, 11-song album that comes out in December, please scroll down and click on the "Long Overdue" album cover. If you buy this single for $10 or more we'll assume you are pre-ordering, but it's easier for us to keep things straight and make sure you get your release on time if you pre-order over there (these two songs are free regardless).

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What happens when a music theory and classical composition professor taps three of his most talented former students to help realize his dream of an original rock band? The answer is Lovers of Fiction, a Portland, Maine based quartet which formed in 2012, and will release their first full-length album, Long Overdue, in December 2015. They have released a two-song “single,” So Simple and Another Song, which is available for free download on their band camp page Additionally, the song “The Bear Part 2” is now available for free streaming.

Dan Sonenberg (piano, drums, guitar, vocals), professor of music at the University of Southern Maine, surprised three former students, each one very active in the Portland rock scene with his request to form his band.

Mark Dennis (guitar, bass, drums) says of Sonenberg “I think my initial thought on entering his class was that ‘this is the most disorganized adult I've ever seen in my life.’ In hindsight, it makes a lot more sense to see that human as a rock musician and not a composer of intricate orchestral scores.’ Dennis has played in numerous bands in Portland, most notably with local instrumental math rock favorites The Waldos.

Sam Chandler (keyboards, bass, vocals) is known in Portland as the secretary of the Maine Green Party, as well as the keyboardist for the rock band Theodore Treehouse. “Dan was far out,” Chandler comments. “Always turned us on to unexpected stuff and had an open mind. Never in my life did I imagine him playing in a rock band, though. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.”

Jimmy Dority (guitar, bass, vocals) locally adored as the bar pianist at the late Mama’s Crowbar’s weekly Piano Night, had returned to school as a nontraditional student and found himself working with Sonenberg, he too was approached to join the ensemble, and would eventually contribute original material to the group.

The Bear
Lovers of Fiction released a three-song EP, The Bear, to significant local praise in 2013. Writing in the Portland Phoenix, Sam Pfeiffle noted “The best thing about all of this is that it doesn't seem a put-on. You can tell Sonenberg's been in plenty of bands before and this is part of who he is as a musician and composer.”

New releases from Lovers of Fiction (late 2015)
In October 2015, Lovers of Fiction released a two-song “single,” So Simple & Another Song, in advance of the December 2015 release of their debut full-length album Long Overdue. The tracks continue an emphasis on drama, driving rock, and elaborate vocal arrangements. They also include the first song written by another member, Jimmy Dority, entitled “Another Song.” The tune is a driving rocker with verses in 5/4, and a narrator lamenting the futility of tearing out one’s guts just to make a three-minute song. It features a lead vocal from Dority and screaming lead guitar work from both Dority and Dennis.

“In many ways this album is the definitive Lovers of Fiction statement,” says Sonenberg. “It contains 11 songs that we’ve played out for years and really honed. These include signature songs like our Myers-Briggs anthem, ‘Everybody Wants to be an ENFP,’ and a sequel to our first single, called ‘The Bear part 2.’” The latter picks up the tale of the mysterious “Bear” figure, an antagonist in the first song, but shows him in another light, now commiserating with the song’s narrator over how they were both mislead by a former flame they shared in common (presumably the female narrator of the first song).” [this song is now available for free streaming on the band’s bandcamp site,

The album continues themes Sonenberg explored on an anguished recent solo album, Peaks Island Ferry (2014), but has a very different overall tone. “Oh there are songs about heartbreak to be sure,” says Sonenberg. “But there is much more an element of playfulness to this album. A song as bitter as ‘The Bear part 2’ goes out in a blaze of glory with all of the members pounding on junk pianos and Mark Dennis’s screaming guitar in progressively deeper layers. You can’t help but hear the fun we’re having. This is also more of a toe-tapping affair.”

The album also features some ambitious instrumental arrangements. “We sort of pulled out the stops for this one,” Sonenberg says, “we wanted the core to be us four guys playing and singing in a room, but we weren’t afraid to add texture where and when we needed it.” Two songs, “Lost Weekend” and “Big Boy Walking” features trumpets and saxes, and there are other solo turns by guest musicians, including renowned Portland trumpeter Mark Tipton, playing in the cavernous Corthell Hall stairwell at USM.

Perhaps the album’s most ambitious number is the penultimate song, “Old Man in a Rainstorm,” which concludes with a four-minute outro complete with double-tracked chorus, brass quintet, and kazoo ensemble. “On the day of the recording,” Sonenberg recalls, “I wanted to make it festive and strange, much as the Beatles did for their ‘Day in the Life’ session with the orchestra. So I bought fake mustaches and kazoos for all performers. They all gamely put on these mustaches, and we did two takes of them singing and stomping their feet, and then one of them playing kazoos. All wearing these ridiculous fake mustaches while belting out this tragic, cathartic refrain. It was one of the more beautiful and ridiculous musical evenings I’ve spent. Jimmy Dority was conducting the group w/ his acoustic guitar, and he too was working the ‘stache. All in the name of art.”


released October 7, 2015

Lovers of Fiction:
Sam Chandler: keyboard, bass, percussion, vocals
Mark Dennis: guitars, bass, drums, percussion
Jimmy Dority: guitars, bass, accordion, ukelele, percussion, vocals
Dan Sonenberg: keyboards, guitar, drums, percussion, vocals

Recorded by: Lovers of Fiction with Jordan Guerette
Produced and mixed by: Dan Sonenberg
Mastered by Pat Keane

Cover art design:
Concept: Dan Sonenberg
Book drilling: Doug Swift
Lettering: Jimmy Dority
Photography and photo editing: Peter Campbell



all rights reserved


Lovers of Fiction Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine-based indie rock band Lovers of Fiction formed when classical composer and University of Southern Maine professor Dan Sonenberg surprised three former students by asking them to join his rock band.

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Track Name: So Simple
It was so simple
Falling in love with you
About ten thousand smarter things,
but what could I do?

Put down your defenses, let em go
Tell your friends you've made it to the show
'cause they ought'a know
Wrap yourself around that broken heart
Wear it while you can then you can start to let it go
Ahhhhh, you ought'a know.

It was so silly my love
Taking the plunge with you
The odds were a million to one
You'd ever want to take that junket too

Pack yourself into a little case
Hide the feeling coursing through your face
'cause it's gonna show
Wrap yourself around that broken heart
Wear it while you can then you can start to let it go
Aaaaah, you ought'a know.

Plain broken I'm a bundle of nerves
With my hands in your hair
And our plans in the air
Aren't you?
It's unspoken but I can't help observe
What they tell you isn't all there is to know
It isn't all there is to know
At least it isn't all that's true
Track Name: Another Song
The wind did howl through the night
As it rode among the dunes
And then a woman dressed in white
And then some shit about the moon
And something sad and something true
That no one understands but you

I want to reach you
beguile and beseech you
Sit you down and treat you to my love
But I ain't feeling clever
And even if I was it would never be enough

And ooh babe,
I'll never write another song
I'll never write another song
I'll never write another song again

Another posture from the cock
Another pastry for the queen
'Cause all she wants to do is rock
With all the kids out on the scene
Another slice, another prick
Another mesmerizing trick

Another daydream
To keep your loved ones waiting
Another reason to stay inside all year
And to sit and be tragic
And wait for the muse to magically appear


When I've brought my lamb to the slaughter
My first born sons and daughters
When all I have to offer
Has been ripped from my heart

And I lay it on the floor here
And I scream and shout in your ear
And still you ask for more dear
Well where the hell am I supposed to start?