Long Overdue

by Lovers of Fiction

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Thank you for coming to our Bandcamp page. Please look around and have a listen, and perhaps even take advantage of some free downloads we are offering (tracks 1 and 7 above).

This is Dan Sonenberg, AKA “the Professor.” Three years ago I surprised three former music theory students of mine by asking them to help me realize my passion and form a rock band. The result was Lovers of Fiction.

I had played in bands plenty during high school and college, but from college on had shifted my professional focus to contemporary art (“classical”) music. I began teaching music theory and composition at the University of Southern Maine in 2004, and for the most part kept my interest in rock to myself. Oh sure, it was known I had written a doctoral dissertation about Joni Mitchell, and that I had a scholarly interest in popular music [I have taught seminars on pop and, more specifically, the Beatles], but my playing and writing days in the genre seemed to be far behind me.

Something about being in the midst of the vibrant Portland, Maine indie rock scene, however, of which several of my students were active and celebrated components, stirred an old urge within me, and I found my compositional interests veering back toward a terrain I thought I had abandoned. I wrote a bevy of rock tunes, demoed them up myself, and figured these hidden demos would be the end of the story.

The period of composition of these songs coincided with some major life changes for me - most particularly the dissolution of my marriage, a painful experience. I found myself writing rock songs as means of self-therapy and healing, and gradually the stockpile of angst-ridden rockers grew until critical mass was reached and I couldn’t bear keeping this side of my music making private any longer.

The musicians I selected for the enterprise, Sam Chandler, Mark Dennis, and Jimmy Dority are all well known figures in the Portland Scene. Sam plays keys for the very popular band Theodore Treehouse, Mark was the guitarist for math rock wizards the Waldos, and Jimmy is esteemed for a wealth of projects, including mounting a production of Weil’s Threepenny Opera, and being the bar pianist for Mama’s Crowbar’s beloved weekly Piano Night. (Don’t go looking for that, alas; Mama shut her doors in September of this year). You can download his first song for the band, “Another Song,” for free right now, right here.

Through the years, amidst frenetic schedules rife with other projects, we Lovers have developed a repertoire of old school, song-driven rock, but with a contemporary edge (thanks to the young, talented whippersnappers I’ve conscripted).

In 2013 we released an EP, The Bear, which you can listen to and even purchase here. It was met with great enthusiasm from the local Portland press, who eagerly awaited our full length album.

Now, a full two years later, after significant labors, we are ready to release that album, which is appropriately titled Long Overdue. We recorded it at the University of Southern Maine, in a digital recording studio I’ve been developing over the last decade, and I mixed the album myself (last summer’s education, 100s of hours worth!)

This is a big, ambitious rock album; musically complex, but fully accessible, complete with brass arrangements, an Edward G Robinson snippet, and a kazoo choir, all brimming with bona fide rock energy. At least we hope it is - you’ll be the judge. Please give it a listen and send your thoughts.

If you send us a kind (or mean) word and your email address via the contact form here, we’ll respond with an additional free track (via a download code) - our Myers Briggs anthem Everybody Wants to be an ENFP. It’s been one of our most popular live numbers and we’re very eager to share the studio recording (especially the wild free-form jam in the middle).

And of course, we would love it if you wished to support us by pre-ordering our album. Every dollar goes directly to the final expenses of this project (at this point CD replication), and gives us a very welcome shot of confidence and love (on which we thrive).

[but first download the free tracks and see if you like em!]
$10 or more for digital download
$12 or more for physical copy (includes digital download)

Digital will be released in early December, 2015.

Your support now helps us get this done. Every pre-order goes directly toward completing this Long Overdue album!


released December 18, 2015

Lovers of Fiction are:
Sam Chandler: bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Mark Dennis: guitar, drums, bass, percussion
Jimmy Dority, guitar, accordion, ukelele, percussion, vocals
Dan Sonenberg: drums, keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals

Recorded at the University of Southern Maine by Lovers of Fiction w/ Jordan Guerette.

Basic tracks recorded January, 2015.
Overdubs recorded May-August, 2015.

Songs by Dan Sonenberg except for #7 by Jimmy Dority
Vocal Arrangements by Lovers of Fiction
Brass/Sax Arrangements by Dan Sonenberg

Mixed and Produced by Dan Sonenberg
Mastered by Pat Keane, Portland, ME

Thanks to: Aaron Clarke, Joe Feldman, Carl Mabee, Matthew Schickele.



all rights reserved


Lovers of Fiction Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine-based indie rock band Lovers of Fiction formed when classical composer and University of Southern Maine professor Dan Sonenberg surprised three former students by asking them to join his rock band.

Read more at www.loversoffiction.com
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Track Name: So Simple
It was so simple
Falling in love with you
About ten thousand smarter things,
but what could I do?

Put down your defenses, let em go
Tell your friends you've made it to the show
'cause they ought'a know
Wrap yourself around that broken heart
Wear it while you can then you can start to let it go
Ahhhhh, you ought'a know.

It was so silly my love
Taking the plunge with you
The odds were a million to one
You'd ever want to take that junket too

Pack yourself into a little case
Hide the feeling coursing through your face
'cause it's gonna show
Wrap yourself around that broken heart
Wear it while you can then you can start to let it go
Aaaaah, you ought'a know.

Plain broken I'm a bundle of nerves
With my hands in your hair
And our plans in the air
Aren't you?
It's unspoken but I can't help observe
What they tell you isn't all there is to know
It isn't all there is to know
At least it isn't all that's true
Track Name: Superhero Chin
You and your superhero chin
took me to the line.

No Sunday morning criminal
gonna yank my chain
Three atom gun in the hold of man
pointed at my brain
That little trigger's gonna come apart
when the chips are in


Ten gallon hat on the city hound
strolling down the lane
Smoke rising up from the underground
gonna stall that train
Jump up, kaboom you're gonna pay the price
for your every sin


Superhero superhero superhero chin
Superhero chin

No two-bit bad guy from the TV screen
gonna pimp my ride
No way to quell the aching beast
Lord knows I've tried
Nobody's mama's gonna knock him down
and bring him in

{bridge as outro - extended}
Track Name: Throwaway
Someone open the door
Let the cat in, he's been scratchin'
Me, I'm stuck in bed, I think it might be catchin'
Pour me a cup of the sauce
Ease my burden, put my feet up
Keep me in your graces, I've been beat up

This is just a throwaway
You know the way it goes
And all the pretty lines go by
and leave you shaking to your toes
I guess I don't know
I don't know why

Someone bring in the mail
Toss it gently, I've been sleeping
Have a look and tell me what's worth keeping
People been writing to me
Asking questions, where've I been to?
Someday I'm gonna explain, but I haven't begun to.

I don't know why everything's out of control
I've been shut down
I don't know if you'll keep coming around
But it's all the same 'cause it's only a game

Someone open the crib
Let the kid out he'll go playing
Sometimes you gotta give in, I'm just sayin'
Sometimes you gotta break down
Strip the terror, stop the fakin'
Sometimes you gotta stand up to keep from breaking

Track Name: Everybody Wants to be an ENFP
Everybody wants to be an ENFP
Everybody wants to be like me

You'll never make it alone
You've got to pick up the phone

Don't have to judge to believe
Just have to trust and perceive

We was making love on the floor
But now we don't anymore
We strut our stuff in the crowd
We joke and laugh right out loud
We act all honest and proud
Feel my soul
Let it roll
It ain't never gonna let you get away

Everybody wants to be an ENFP
Everybody wants to be like me

Be empathetic and fun
Might not get everything done

Everyday detail's a bore
Just bring the meat to the fore

We was laying back on our heels
We know just how it all feels
We're always channeled and bright
Emit an external light
The last one up every night
It's such a beautiful rite
Feel my soul
Let it roll
It ain't never gonna let you get away

Everybody wants to be an ENFP
Everybody wants to be like me
Track Name: Lost Weekend
If the events of this lost weekend
Don't break your heart in two
Remember my little one
We did what we could do
We only had time for one
No chance to see it through

It's breaking us down
It keeps us apart our waking days
It's burning the town
It's hanging around
It's making us pay
Oh how I wish I could stay

I remember the time we spent
The blazing green on you
Was it just an accident
Your color shining through
Or were we too innocent to know just what to do

It's breaking us down
It keeps us apart our waking days
It's burning the town
It's hanging around
It's making us pay
Oh how I wish I could stay

Mother Mayhem made us all
And with a joking glance at loneliness
We carry on
But Mother may not heed the call
For the righteous shall inherit
And the wicked shall fall

If the events of this lost weekend
Don't break your heart in two
Remember my little one
We did what we could do
And though it defies all odds
It all comes down to you

It's making us strong
We're taking a long long time to fold
It prompted a strange
With feelings so strange
Since that fateful day
Oh how I wish I could stay
Track Name: The Bear part 2
Turns out the bear is just an ordinary guy
Saw him on the sidewalk with his little boy
We were both misled by the wind
and the sea and the sky
That we saw running through your eyes
We bought your disguise

Seems you and I were just an ordinary lie
See you down in the city
With your new expensive friends and habitat
Leaving me in the cold all alone
In this dingy old town
Breaking bread with that mess of man
We do what we can

I didn't get an invite to the party
I never thought I would take the fall
The Bear will get what he deserves (I suppose)
But don't we all?

The sun returned into an ordinary sky
Seen it in the breaks between the Money Clouds
That linger on my mind
And then me and the Bear settled in
For a night, telling tales, sowing sin
As we swallowed our wine
We're both doing fine (by the way)

So this is just an ordin'ry goodbye
Heard you sing you pinched yourself for joy
in all your new found freedom
And if you say that I didn't mean much
After all, well I'll tell you its true that you give what you get
And then you drink to forget

Track Name: Another Song
The wind did howl through the night
As it rode among the dunes
And then a woman dressed in white
And then some shit about the moon
And something sad and something true
That no one understands but you

I want to reach you
beguile and beseech you
Sit you down and treat you to my love
But I ain't feeling clever
And even if I was it would never be enough

And ooh babe,
I'll never write another song
I'll never write another song
I'll never write another song again

Another posture from the cock
Another pastry for the queen
'Cause all she wants to do is rock
With all the kids out on the scene
Another slice, another prick
Another mesmerizing trick

Another daydream
To keep your loved ones waiting
Another reason to stay inside all year
And to sit and be tragic
And wait for the muse to magically appear


When I've brought my lamb to the slaughter
My first born sons and daughters
When all I have to offer
Has been ripped from my heart

And I lay it on the floor here
And I scream and shout in your ear
And still you ask for more dear
Well where the hell am I supposed to start?

Track Name: Friend and Lover
Friend and Lover
Name unspoken
That path is broken
We ride our tractors
And till the fields
We accept the yields

Sometimes the plan's gonna bring you down
Sometimes she won't be coming round
Sometimes the clouds overhang from above
Some days the rain mucks up the ground
Sometimes a light comes from the town
Sometimes your sky's just filled with sound, and with love

Funny money
Plain unspoken
Those men are broken
We ride our passions
And play our games
We conceal the names

Some day, she'll stop coming 'round
Lay tracks and head for higher ground
Some day you hoped you'd set her free anyway
Those eyes are gone won't be the same
Those dreams gonna spin you like a game
Those crazy tantric memories held at bay
Track Name: Big Boy Walking
Big Boy Walking
Down the block
Keeps on working
Round the clock
He's gonna bank the corner
Make that turn
Show the world it's got something to learn
Oh lord

Big Boy Walking
on the avenue
Ain't got time
He's got a lot to do
He's gonna twirl that cane
Raise that collar
Pace that lane
Chase that dollar oh lord

I never thought I'd take
That most improbable step
I never thought I'd see the light
Ain't we lucky I tried through the night

Big Boy Walking
on the boulevard
The days are easy
But the nights are hard
He's gonna walk that beat
Pound that rhythm
If you're on the street
You're gonna wanna walk with him
Oh lord

Big Boy Walking
in the Five and Dime
He's gonna make his choice
And take his time
He's gonna wave that wallet
Push that wagon
I don't know what you call it
But it sure looks like bragging to me

I never thought I'd take
That most improbable step
I never thought I'd see the light
Ain't we lucky I tried through the night

No other voices on the street
To keep the situation neat
No talking loud or out of turn
Like this not that you have to learn

Big Boy Walking

I never thought I'd take
That most improbable step
I never thought I'd see the light
Ain't we lucky I tried through the night

Big Boy Walking
{repeat and fade}
Track Name: Old Man in a Rainstorm
Old man in a rainstorm
Driving alone in the hollowest part of the night
Doesn't notice the weather
Doesn't notice the water
Doesn't notice the light

Thinking of choices he made
When he was young and hopelessly committed
Always being afraid
Never seeing the world for who was in it

Older and wiser
Faster and faster
All my plans lead to change and disaster
Old is better
When it comes to forgetting
When it comes to accepting
The package you're getting

And he thinks of a woman he knew
In the corners of days half a lifetime ago
How she laughed and caressed him with effortless style
How she wanted him so

Thinking of what might have been
If he was bold and made a tough decision
Instead of thinking of sin
Fearing voices of judgment and derision


Older and older
Colder and colder
And you never thought
It wouldn't last
Or that there'd be no second pass

In the dark of the night
In the cold of the car
He is lost to the signals and pushes his foot to the floor
And the whir of the wind
And the scream of the motor
Make for a mesmerizing roar

Thinking about it again
Like he has a thousand nights before
And then it comes to an end
All regret fades away
It don't matter no more


na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na na {etc.}
Track Name: The Alligator
The alligator
The alligator
The alligator oh

Rivers underground
The alligator's marching to a different sound
Creature of the night
Rises to the light
The alligator surfaces
The mystic mast of urban legend raised
The onlookers amazed

One hour later
One hour later
Beaten upon the head

The alligator
The alligator
The mighty beast is dead

Stumbling blindly
Met so unkindly
Snapped unprovoked, they said

Supervisor Mays
Disregards the call
"There's whiskey in their cups," he says
"I don't believe it all."
Takes a journey down
Rivers underground
Where reptilian enclave populate
The murky muck beneath the city sound
The alligator's found

The alligator
The alligator tonight
The alligator hopes you're sleeping tight
We'll have a fright
When the alligator takes a bite

The alligator
The alligator
The alligator oh

Under the sidewalks of New York
The World Beneath the City told
In Robert Daly's timeless prose
A legend is unfurled
Upon a waiting world
The sewer gator ambles forth
And spreads his restless shadow 'cross the town
The alligator's found